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Mirbeau has developed their own line of 100% natural, sulfate-free personal care products with zero fillers, perfumes, parabens or phthalates.

Our products use only natural ingredients and are inspired by the Mirbeau philosophy of simple elegance and timeless pleasures. Created in two uniquely signature aromatherapy scents: Classically Calming and Classically Energizing.

Our Classically Calming aroma combines essences of Sandalwood, Orange, Lime, Ginger and Green Tea, resulting in a delightfully calming and grounding aroma blend - perfect to relieve the day’s stress.

Our Classically Energizing aroma blends essences of Rosemary, Mint, Blood Orange and Red Mandarin, designed to awaken and stimulate your senses - perfect to kicka-start your day.

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